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बीमा मा अर्लिङ

earthquake preparedness alert in the insruance industry

Many earthquakes greater than M6 detected by Earling before they occur.

7+Years of continued innovation with Earling products and services.

Seismic risk of $2+ Trillion assets analyzed.

The intelligent choice leads to Earling.

Insurance companies are dedicated to safeguarding what matters most, no matter what life throws your way. Although the future is uncertain, one thing is for certain - insurance companies use state-of-the-art risk level monitoring tools, native apps, and strategic partnerships to enhance the performance, efficiency, and proficiency of agents, adjusters, risk engineers, and more — regardless of the circumstances.

Earling in action.


Advanced on-device technology allows an adjuster or risk engineer to assess risk on request time.

Sales and Servicing

Smart apps enriched with online seismic risk data help agents and advisors offer the right product with real-time information at their fingertips, all while maintaining compliance

Training and Enablement

Location and app data combined with native technologies gives employees the most up-to-date resources, no matter where they are.

Risk manager

Risk assessment with the ability to assess potential impact and prioritize them based on potential severity

Business continuity planning and execute Business Continuity plans before the events

Data visualization to make better decisions in an easily understandable format


Maintain high level of attention to detail for errors that have significant financial impacts

Identify problems and develop creative solutions


Ability to minimize losses and maximize profits

Process and analyze large amounts of data

Inform about risk level changes; daily

Only with Earling

Built-in Features

Manage risks with real-time unusual earthquake risk monitoring tool.

Custom App

Get what you need from UI

Zero-Touch Deployment

Load the data, and get asset risks.

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Our mission is to assist you in discovering the optimal, most economical solution for your business, regardless of whether you have a small team or a large workforce of 10,000 employees

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