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Taiwan Earthquake Preparedness Alert

Taiwan has resulted from on-going collision between the Luzon volcanic arc, the continental margin of south China.
We attempt at providing new insights about the earthquake behavior by continuously monitoring ground shaking patterns in North, South, East and West of Taiwan.

We have setup Earling network utilizing accelerometer of smartphones in the region. Since July 2018 Earling network have been abled to analyze millions of records of ground shaking each month to generate local patterns that cause earthquake in the region by artificial intelligent algorithms. Now as the result we are able to issue preparedness alert from hours to days before an earthquake happen to people and authorities.

One of the latest preparedness alerts issued in Taiwan as risk of a noticeable earthquake increased in the region is mentioned below:

About 3 weeks after the latest light intensity earthquake which rock one of the most populated region of Taiwan, a preparedness alert issued by Earling for the region, 4 days before a M4.2 earthquake shake center of Taiwan.