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Predecible M6.4 20 de diciembre de 2022 Terremoto de California


M6.4 December 20 California earthquake


M6.2 December 20 California earthquake

All risks detected. With even greater precision, every unusual earthquake is promptly detected with a single alert. No significant earthquake goes unnoticed.

California bar weekly earthquake risk level chart


Earthquakes a year

365 days

With no unusual earthquake

Risk detected

M6.4 shook California

The Southern California Earthquake Forecasting group received an alert from Earling models a week prior to the M6.4 December 20 2022 earthquake, showcasing exceptional accuracy and delivering outstanding results. 

Prior to the M6.2 earthquake on December 20, 2021, over 50 industry experts at leading organizations including Swiss Re, Munich Re, Aon, RMS, Lloyd's and others, were equipped with earthquake alerts from Earling.

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