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Respuesta de emergencia del terremoto

Advanced warning and notifications

Providing advanced warning and notifications to clients about the expected severe weather conditions.

Real-time monitoring

Providing real-time monitoring and reporting of seismic conditions to clients, including changes in risk level, location, time, severity.

Risk assessments

Conducting risk assessments to identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities to clients' operations and infrastructure.

Data analytics and modeling

Providing data analytics and modeling services to help clients understand the impact of severe ground events on their operations and supply chains, and to identify potential areas for improvement in their emergency response plans.

Customized earthquake forecast reports

Providing customized short-term seismic risk reports to clients based on their specific needs and location.

Transfer your risk.

Developing emergency response plans

Developing emergency response plans and procedures in collaboration with clients, including evacuation plans, shelter-in-place plans, and communication protocols.

On-site support

Offering on-site support to clients during and after the severe ground event, including providing guidance on safe work practices and equipment operations.

Emergency recovery services

Offering emergency recovery services to speed up post-disaster phase.