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California earthquakes weren't man made

M 6.4 Dec 20 2023 and M 6.2 2022 California earthquakes weren't man made. Fig.1 - How M6.4 PGV 20cm/s Dec 20 2022 earthquake affected California.

California Business Journal - Dr. Christian Klose - a research scientist at Columbia University, Swiss Institute of Technology, German Research Center of Geosciences, etc.—has been advising for years now and broadcasting his counsel all over the world that the current geothermal energy operations at the Salton Sea “might be imprudent.” Such an expert on man-made earthquakes may be right, yet in the real workaday world, where risks are an unavoidable part of everyone’s life, even Dr. Klose’s opinion may count for little. Civilization comes to a screeching halt without mines, dams, oil drilling, and other great pistons that power our society. Maybe it could be true for other events, but both M6.2 Dec 20, 2021, and M6.4 Dec 20, 2022, followed predictable patterns previously caused unusual earthquakes in California. The patterns are logged on trustworthy data repositories that can represent any piece of changes on the data.