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International events

At Earling Ltd, we specialize in the cutting-edge technology of short-term earthquake risk detection. Our expert team has presented their findings to various scientific communities at various events, solidifying our reputation as leaders in the field. Our participation in events such as:

  • CTBTO 2023 - New technology that changing the meaning of Earthquake Early Warnings (EEW) in California and Nevada more
  • CTBTO 2021
  • International Disaster Management Festival 2018
  • Safe Community 2017


  • Workshop 2022-08 1 - Workshop: Cutting-edge risk management solution against short-term earthquake risks for Risk Swap in the insurance industry in mega scale
  • Workshop 2022-09 1 - Workshop: Short-term seismic risk in disaster management
  • Workshop 2022-09 2 - Risk management in short-term seismic risks in the insurance industry
  • Workshop 2022-09 3 - Financial Risk transfer in petroleum
  • Workshop 2022-09 4 - Financial Risk transfer in oil and gas sector
  • Workshop 2022-12 1: New technology to detect short-term earthquake risks to transferring financial risks.