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How to prepare for expected earthquakes

Why You Need a Credit Card Before a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires can have devastating effects on communities, infrastructure, and personal finances. Being financially prepared for such events is… Read now

Can cats have pollen allergies
  • Health Impact: How severe can pollen allergies be for cats? Are there potential complications or long-term health effects that could significantly impact the cat's quality of life?
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Government response to Christchurch earthquake 2011

The cost of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake was substantial, with the British-owned Ansvar Insurance alone suffering $700 million worth of losses.

The overall cost of the earthquake was… Read now

Does New Zealand have earthquakes

Earthquakes happen every day in New Zealand. Approximately 14-15,000 occur in and around the country each year. Most of them are too small to be noticed, about 200 are large… Read now

How does parametric insurance work

Parametric insurance is known as an index-based insurance policy and coverage is based on a metric from the collection of reliable data from third-party source. The claims payment… Read now

Parametric Earthquake Insurance in California

Earling's short-term earthquake risk models have demonstrated the ability to detect the risk of major earthquakes, such as the M6.4 in December 2022 and the M6.2 in December 2021, before these… Read now

What are Parametric Insurance Benefits?

Parametric Insurance Benefits for Individuals

A parametric insurance policy for travel can provide a predetermined payout if a flight is delayed or cancelled due to illness or other… Read now

Parametric Insurance Pricing: How make it affordable

Access to Earling's short-term earthquake risk models can significantly benefit risk owners in transferring their earthquake risks through parametric insurance. For instance, consider the scenario… Read now

Parametric Insurance Startup: Earling

Earling, the a leading provider of short-term natural disaster risk systems, has the potential to impact both risk takers, such as insurance companies, and risk owners, including enterprises and… Read now