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Earthquake Risk Transfer for Laos

Earthquake Risk Transfer for Laos; Short-term earthquake loss
Fig.1 - Hashed circles represent current Earling undercover regions.

Since July 2018 coverage of Earling expanded to North of Laos, several shallow earthquakes have been recorded in the vicinity of Laos, and in particular in the northern part.
Laos is experienced several strong from M6.0 to M7.7 earthquake in the last century. One of the latest was an M6.1 which struck northern Thailand, causing damage to the town of Mae Lao and nearby municipalities.
Based on the successful preparedness alert which has been issued by Earling for the region hopes are significantly increased to forecast major earthquakes in the region. As a low level of seismicity, we refer to the latest earthquake recorded in North of Laos follow by Earling preparedness alert the day before.

EPA Effect on Romania Probable Maximum Loss

Fig.2 Probable Maximum Loss (PML) - Mean return period in years (Lao People's Democratic Republic Disaster & Risk Profile, 2014). EPA can help to extend the earthquake insurance penetration rate. Laos’s earthquake Average Annual Loss is about $5 million..

Laos short-term expected earthquake loss

Earthquake risks that need to be transferred? download the report.