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The Earling User Trust Center

Your Trust Is at the Heart of Everything We Do

The first step to helping you communicate confidently is earning your trust. That’s why we’ve always pledged to do right by our users with best-in-class security practices to ensure your data remains private and protected.

Explore the measures we take to protect your information, backed by globally recognized compliance standards.

Firefighter trust

We make sure your private information stays private

Discover the steps we take to safeguard data and keep your information protected.

Our security infrastructure is built upon industry standards

Learn how our in-house security team approaches information security and fortifies our product.

Enterprise-grade attestations validate our security controls

See the attestations and certifications that ensure our users’ data is safe and secure.

We use the trusted and reliable platform of GitHub to store earthquake forecasting data. By using this platform, we ensure that our data is secure and that any changes or updates made to the data can be tracked and verified.


We don’t sell your data

Earling makes money when customers enjoy our best-in-class communication assistance and decide to purchase one of our paid product offerings. We have not, do not, and will not sell users’ data or rely on an ad-based revenue model.