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How do vandwellers make money?

how do vandwellers make money

Here we are going to share new ideas about innovation in making money as a vandwellers.

It's about how making money in the road through combining a new technology and a new insurance product that pays out event without destructions. In this article we explain how the next major earthquakes helps vanlifers make money.

Jumpstart Insurance is a Licensed Surplus Line Insurance Broker backed by Lloyds. People in the regions that experience earthquakes receiving payout even without any destruction, just because an earthquake pre-defined characteristics happen. At the beginning we talked about a new technology. Its role is helping you know when probability of the next major earthquake is increased a few days before they happen. As a result, you know where to go as an earthquake hunter, who making money from earthquakes.

How much you can make with this idea?

From $10,000 to $20,000.

Do I need invest any money, and who's gonna pay me?

Yes, $7. Maybe it is unbelievable, but an insurance company! and again yes, but how do vanlifers make money. Premium of the parametric insurance policies may be vary based on different regions. The largest price we've seen on their price calculator was $22.

How accurate are the seismic short-term alerts?

To pay for van life you deserved having accurate data about accuracy of the alerts, how many times they followed by major earthquakes or failed. The short answer is, accurate enough in detecting California earthquake risk and Nevada earthquake risk to react based on them.

How increase chance of making money?

Be a team of earthquake hunters. That way for your team chance of being every single of your team members in a region that meet the pre-defined earthquake characteristics highly increase, we can call it your winning strategy. In Figure 1 distribution of the recent major earthquakes are presented. We know that when risk level is increased, but during high-risk time-windows, being a team of earthquake hunters drastically increase the chance of passing the parametric conditions of the insurance policy. Meantime, if you couldn't team up, you can choose the region with the highest occurrence of earthquakes.

Do you have a better idea? share it with us.

Figure 1 - Distribution of major earthquakes in California and Nevada 2020-2022

Ok, what is the first step?

Welcome, it's FREE now!

  1. Join our newsletter to receive seismic risk level change.
  2. Team up with a few other vandwellers to increase chance of receiving pay out
  3. As soon as you or the team receive high-risk alerts, buy a parametric premium for an exact location, and drive to be there for a week.
  4. In case, you face with major earthquake, based on your coordinates, Jumpstart Insurance contacting and if the payout condition is passed, you win.


Your safety is very important for us. Please be aware when you heading to the high-risk seismic regions during high-risk time-window by following local safety procedures like

Note: We are not part of Jumpstart insurance or Lloyds. So, it is not an advertisement that targeting vandwellers.