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Martinique Earthquake Preparedness Alert

After having severe earthquakes in the region since 1600, no earthquake in these intensity is reported while the vulnerability of all islands to major earthquakes increased enormously because of continuous population growth and changes in building and land use practices.

Most of the earthquakes occurring in the Eastern Caribbean are either tectonic or volcanic in origin. Tectonic earthquakes are generated when plates move as accumulated energy is released. Volcanic earthquakes are generated by the movement of magma within the lithosphere.

Earling continuously monitors ground shaking by analyzing millions of recorded data through artificial intelligent. This method of data analysis provided new opportunities for public usage and authorities to being acknowledged before the next major event happen, seconds to days earlier.

Since July 2018, Earling - International Disaster Management Award Winner; issued alerts before 2 events rocked the region. One of the latest preparedness alert issued for the region is mentioned below which was a M4.0 Depth 10km: