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Mysterious Severe Ground Condition Pattern Jan 2023


Severe weather conditions in California during high-risk seismic time-window

Exactly one year after a major earthquake shook the region in northern California, on December 20, 2022, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake once again hit the area. Despite monitoring the region for 365 days, Earling's Severe Ground Condition models did not detect any high-risk time-windows (a period of 2 weeks) leading up to the event. However, just a few days after the December 20th earthquake, the Severe Ground Condition models detected a high-risk time-window in the same region, marking the first high-risk time-window of 2023. This time, it was also coincided with a storm, adding another layer of complexity to the situation. This highlights the importance of continuous monitoring and the use of advanced technologies like Earling's Severe Ground Condition models, to detect high-risk time-windows and provide early warning to authorities and the public, helping them to be better prepared for the potential seismic activity in the future.