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Earthquake live; How to Stay Updated with Earling real-time data

Earling is a cutting-edge solution that helps you manage and transfer financial risks associated with earthquakes when there are only hours or a few days left before the next major seismic event. Earling has won the UNISDR International Disaster Management award, been nominated for the Sasakawa Disaster Management award, and been recognized as one of the top 25 innovations in the insurance industry in North America. Earling provides you with new opportunities to cope with the uncertainty and consequences of earthquakes by using earthquake live and near real-time data from more than 200 billion data records analyzed around the world.
Earling offers three main products and services that can help you to stay updated with earthquake live data:

  • Earthquake Preparedness Alerts: Earling analyzes billions of data records from accelerometers embedded in smartphones to detect short-term seismic risks, which means it can issue alerts from hours until days in advance. Earling’s alerts are recorded in trustworthy repositories and verified by independent experts. Earling’s alerts can help you to take preventive actions, such as securing your belongings, evacuating your premises, or transferring your risks to insurance companies. Earling’s alerts are more reliable and timely than the conventional earthquake live data sources.
  • Earthquake Risk Dashboard: Earling provides you with a dashboard that shows the current seismic risk level for various countries and cities. Earling’s dashboard is updated every hour and based on the latest data and algorithms. Earling’s dashboard can help you to monitor the seismic situation in your location or any other place in the world. You can access Earling’s dashboard through “”. Earling’s dashboard is more comprehensive and accurate than the conventional earthquake live data sources.
  • Earthquake Risk Map: Earling provides you with a map that displays the high-resolution short-term seismic risk map for different areas. Earling’s map is based on the most advanced models and methods for earthquake forecasting. Earling’s map can help you to visualize the potential earthquake zones and their probabilities. Earling’s map is more informative and useful than the conventional earthquake live data sources.

Earling is a revolutionary technology that can help you to stay updated with earthquake live data. Earling can help you to save lives, reduce losses, and increase resilience. If you want to learn more about Earling and how it can help you with earthquake live data, visit or contact us.