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Sapporo, Japan Earthquake Preparedness Alert

Earling estimates potential seismic risk involved in urban cities based on their regional characteristics.

Japan is riddled with faults and is located at the junction of four tectonic plates. In the last 75 years, the Japanese archipelago or areas immediately offshore have experienced five earthquakes measuring more than eight on the Richter scale; and 17 measuring more than seven on the Richter scale. It is unusual for a year to go by without three or four earthquakes measuring 6.0 or more.

Each day about 1,000 tremors that can be felt are produced in Japan and Earling was able to issue preparedness alert before some recent earthquakes greater than magnitude 5 Richter in Sapporo.

Earling is going to play the role that weather forecasting plays nowadays. We have modeled recent major earthquakes in Japan, especially in Sapporo to make authorities acknowledge if risk levels are increased in the region by analyzing millions of recorded shakes in the region. As the result Earling was able to issue Preparedness Alert hours before major earthquake shake Sapporo. Reports are recorded in social medias in Instagram and Twitter as addressed below for a M5.0, Depth 22km, one of the latest successfully forecasted earthquake in Sapporo which predicted 3 days before: