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Tremophobia therapy with Earling

Earthquakes can be really scary, in some of them like 2010 Haiti earthquakes, about 300,000 of people died at a glance. Since then, everything is changed and fears of earthquakes can be managed drastically, especially when you are prepared for them, you can manage most of their panic. But how? how can prepare for a forthcoming earthquake? What if you knew when the next major earthquakes are going to happen and where? Thanks to the available 4th industrial revolution technology and instruments, with tens of thousands of new sensors and billions of data recorded analysis we have new insights about the environment we are living there. Now we know when most of the forthcoming major earthquakes are going to happen, how plates behave before unusual earthquakes (earthquakes larger than the 5-year event on average in a same region).

How accurate are the Los Angeles and San Francisco earthquake risk alerts?

Since Sep 2020, detecting high-risk seismic time-window coverage expanded to the US in the project Earling. We are pleased to inform that based on undeniable evidence, risk detection models could detect ALL of the important earthquakes in California and Nevada with negligible false alerts (alerts that are not followed by at least on unusual earthquake).

The latest remarkable alert for the west coast was in mid of December that followed by M6.4 a few days later on 20 Dec 2022, in its anniversary M6.2 Dec 20, 2021. Detecting high-risk seismic time-windows show how new era with earthquake preparedness alerts shaping our society, a new normal situation.

How to prepare for a forthcoming major earthquake?

Having access to accurate Earthquake Preparedness Alerts we can categorize preparation to 3 stages:

  1. Safety
  2. Security
  3. Financially

1. Safety: To increase your safety, choose a safe place to stay. But for how long?! It can be varied by regions. Most the time in California and Nevada the unusual earthquakes happening in less than 5 days. It means as a high-risk time-window detects, you have less than 5 days (it can be a few hours) to react and prepare for it.

2. Security: Prepare for insecurity.

3. Financially: It is very important to a have plan for post-hazard. At least right now, you have the chance to transfer your financial risk in low cost as seismic- risk is detected. You have an earthquake insurance? find its gap and fill them as soon as possible, it means right now. Don't have an earthquake insurance? In case, you are going to transfer financial risks only for the detected high-risk time-windows with Earling, you can buy a monthly base policy not for 365 days of a year, but for a high-risk time-window. We really love to detect all of the high-risk time-windows, but we cannot guarantee anything, nor having an earthquake as a high-risk time-window detects neither not having a major earthquake during low-risk marked date.