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Urbanization Management Strategies

One of the main urban renovation challenges is the reduced financial capacities of public authorities for intervening in large investments, but also for developing their social policies and interventions. On the other hand risks of a natural disaster constantly threatening our societies to get the current situations even worst. But, what if a natural disaster likens major earthquake could act like an incubator for urban renovation, inner city redevelopment and urban city renewal, let's see.

Redevelopment Examples; Earthquake Assisted

Solutions to Urban Poverty

Do you know what could happen when with the below definition of “Urban Poverty” a major earthquake added on top of it:
Urban poverty is usually defined in two ways: as an absolute standard based on a minimum amount of income needed to sustain a healthy and minimally comfortable life, and as a relative standard that is set based on average the standard of living in a nation (McDonald & McMillen, 2008, p. 397).

Sustainable Urban Regeneration Case Studies

Urban Redevelopment Solutions

In redevelopment of society after earthquake, a plan B is vital for urban renewal. Earthquake risk transferring as high-risk pattern detected prior a limited time window is an innovative urban renewal solution. Assume when a major event with lots of losses is occurred and you have a coupon in your hand to start a predefined renewal urban planning funded by your local or international insurance companies. Urban redevelopment solutions are mandatory based on the innovative tools.

Sustainable Urban Regeneration Case Studies

Inner city regeneration is very challenging in most of the project. If it is totally locked, still there is a solution probably remained untouched if you are in a region with natural disaster like flood and earthquakes. Help the residents to transfer their risks to the risk takers in the insurance industry. Instead of 365 days of year, only during the high-risk time window, when probability of an unusual earthquake is highly increased; don’t worry about the primary insurers they can transfer their risks into their international reinsurers.

How we help our partners

Now you feel need the coupon to transfer earthquake risks to the other parties to increase urban resiliency and fund your renewal after a disaster occurred? Our data is yours, just click here to set a time to talk and discuss about the current solutions then you can get started the after the meeting. Now your plan would be being one of the good disaster governance examples.