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Urbanization Management Strategies for South Africa

UNDRR estimated that the 50 years earthquake periodic loss in South Africa could be more than $14 billion, while for the 20 years earthquakes estimated remain $7 billion losses. Earthquakes can cause devastation, but, on the other hand, they can act as a catalyzer in urban renewal if authorities have access to accurate short-term earthquake risk transfer solutions.

Urban Sustainable Renewal

Thanks to the 4th industrial revolutions, it is now possible to detect a high-risk seismic time window, when the probability of unusual seismic activity is detected for a region.

These earthquake preparedness alerts are very helpful to transfer urban risks to the insurance industry from hours until a few days in advance. This way, instead of insuring aging buildings in urban renewal planning for 365 days, only risk of the high-risk time window will be transferred to the insurance industry, which notably decreases the risk transformation costs. Instead, as soon as insured assets encountered losses, no more crisis will be occurred, especially from the urban poverty aspect in regions like Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban, which is undercover by Earling, to receive earthquake preparedness alerts.

South Africa Strategic Urban Regeneration

Natural disasters can easily cause crisis, which threatening resiliency and sustainability. Costly periodic earthquakes in south Africa prune to cause such level of crisis. But new technologies assists us to turn the disasters to an emerging opportunities, to improve the speed of urban regeneration, as follow:

  • Insuring aging buildingsAvoiding from Urban poverty
  • Using compensation as the urban planning fund