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When is the Next Big Earthquake in California

When it comes to predicting the timing of the next significant earthquake in California, it's essential to acknowledge the complexity of this task. Previously earthquakes were inherently unpredictable events, driven by the dynamic forces beneath the Earth's surface. However, this is where Earling steps in with its cutting-edge short-term seismic risk models. The award-winning solutions have set new standards in earthquake risk assessment.

Unlike traditional long-term earthquake prediction methods, which attempt to examine the chance of major earthquakes in 300 years, Earling takes a proactive approach. The new models continuously monitor seismic activity in California, Nevada, and some other limited states with unparalleled accuracy. The models' outputs have a proven track record of successfully detecting the risk of all major earthquakes, especially on the West Coast, since September 2020. This includes events that even ShakeAlert, a well-known early warning system (that issues alerts only a few seconds in advance and after the earthquakes have occurred), might have missed, including all of the recent earthquakes larger than magnitude 5 in the region.

What sets Earling apart is its ability to provide actionable insights based on data analysis, allowing you to prepare and take preventive measures well in advance. While we can't predict the exact date and time of an earthquake, we can empower you with the information you need to enhance your preparedness and resilience by identifying high-risk seismic time windows limited to a few days, and marking high-risk regions within earthquake-prone areas by zip codes and cities. If you're looking for the most reliable solution to stay ahead of seismic risks, subscribe to Earling's services as the best choice. Our recent performance in major earthquakes speaks for itself, and we invite you to join our community and experience the Earling advantage firsthand.