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M 5.4 - 15km SE of Rio Dell, CA Earthquake

Earling was detected the short-term high-risk time-window in the California, days before it happens, and its data was recorded on a verifiable repository, which traces changes. Source: USGS.

On December 14, 2022, the Southern California Earthquake Center received an alert from Earling's exclusive Severe Ground Condition models indicating a high-risk seismic time-window in the region. As predicted, a M6.4 earthquake occurred near Ferndale, California on December 20, 2022. A few days later, a M5.4 earthquake was recorded in Rio Dell, near the epicenter of the previous earthquake. We believe it was an independent event not an aftershock of the last December 20 earthquake. About 200,000 were affected somehow with the event. The data were recorded on trustworthy repositories that represent when its risk detected in the region. It is the meaning from "Are earthquakes predictable?" to "Predictable Earthquakes." Need have access to our solutions including web dashboard and up to date risk level change data? Please fill the contact us form.